Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Those Google blog emails...

A way to keep track of a blog is to sign up by email. This means that each time there is a new post on the blog you will receive an email.

I have MS so I follow the Barts MS blog put out by the St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London. I read each post carefully, often comment if I can contribute something useful and, in many ways, am the ideal [not to mention humble ;-) ] blog user. I say this with authority as my TrailRider Tales blog has almost 70,000 page views.

Of course I then save the emails so that I can go back to the posts and that's where the problem begins. My email folder ends up looking like this and it is hard to find a particular post because the Subject of the email does not include the post title

To fix this you need to be clear whether your blog is on the Google Blogger platform. You will know. If it is then your email subscriptions are handled by something called Feedburner which, once you are logged in will take you to your feeds and it is the default setting for the Subject of the email sent that is causing the problem. This post will show you how to change that.

Start by clicking on the name of your blog and then select the Publicize tab

Next use the Email subscriptions link, on the left, to view this page. Almost there...

Now you will see a new link, Email branding at the left which will display this page:

It is the HOT TIP on the right that is the answer to all your prayers. 

Add ${latestItemTitle} to the beginning of  Email Subject/Title and click Save at the bottom.

Important to note - those are squiggly brackets - { }

This works brilliantly

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Thanks. Very helpful.