Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Gmail - select BCC recipients from your Contacts list

OK, this is the scenario - you want to send fro m Gmail to multiple recipients selected from your Contacts list. Easy eh? You select the contacts (or select All) and then hit the little envelope button.

There's just one problem - all these addresses end up in the To field. They can see each other's addresses and, perhaps more dangerously, spammers can.

Moving these addresses into the Bcc field was not a self-evident thing to do.

This is what you do:

  • Check the contacts you want to send to
  • Click the envelope button to open a new email. All the contacts you selected will be in the To field
  • Click in that field and select Bcc at the right
  • Click on the last contact and use Shift-Up arrow to select all the contacts
  • Use Ctrl-X (Command-X on a Mac) to cut them
  • Click in the Bcc field and use Ctrl-V (Command-V) to paste them
  • Don't forget to write the email!

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